The very first review of TAMASHII Nations’s new Gundam figure series ”GUNDAM UNIVERSE”.【With video】

TAMASHII Nations’s new Gundam action figure series “GUNDAM UNIVERSE” announced at the New York Toy Fair, in February 2019. I’d like to introduce this series at the fastest.

日本語記事>>大注目の『ガンダム』新アクションフィギュアシリーズ「GUNDAM UNIVERSE」を最速レビュー!【動画あり】


●The Very First Review of the TAMASHII Nations GUNDAM UNIVERSE wave1



Gundam Universe is a really amazing new series of action figures from TAMASHII Nations in June of 2019. This 6 inch sized action figure is priced around $25.




At first, Wing Gundam. This is a really posable, highly detailed portrayal. Everything from these binders on the back to the arms, elbows, and knees are posable. And as you can see the fine detail is amazing, it’s a very anime accurate appearance.

gundamuniverse_1902_02 gundamuniverse_1902_03


You can get some really classic posing. The Gundam Universe figures are designed to be fun for more than just die-hard collectors or die-hard Gundam fans. That’s the defining feature of this new series.



Next, the RX-78-2 Gundam. You have the shield, the rifle, and the sabers, the fundamental load-out for this character.gundamuniverse_1902_07gundamuniverse_1902_05


It’s very angular, and there’s a lot of fine detail, panels and such. But the most distinctive thing about it is, how incredibly posable it is. Like the Wing Gundam, a lot of ball joints are used to give a wide range of motion.



The skirts are articulated, to give the legs greater freedom. Even in these wide legged stances, it can keep both feet on the ground. It’s due to ball joints in the ankles.



The last item of wave1 is Unicorn Gundam. There’s an amazing illustration on the package. It captures the dynamic appearance of the mobile suit.


Each figure comes with some hands, fists, and optional hands shaped to hold shields, weapons, things like that. Just what you need to display them in static or action shots.

gundamuniverse_1902_10 gundamuniverse_1902_11gundamuniverse_1902_14


The Gundam Universe series’ sharp appearance is a great fit for this sharp-looking Gundam. Look at that Psycoframe glow beneath the armor. They rival the best model kits not only in terms of visual information.



Still more, each figure comes with a connector for TAMASHII STAGE. Then you can plug it right on, pose them in nice flying poses.


Gundam Universe developed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of “Gundam” series. For wave 2 is Deathsythe from “Gundam Wing”, Banshee from “Gundam Unicorn”, Barbatos from “Iron-Blooded Orphans”. Wave 2 items are being released on October 2019. Stay Tuned for next wave!


※Product Planning Now.



GUNDAM UNIVERSE Wing Gundam/RX-78-2 Gundam/Unicorn Gundam

  • ABS&PVC action figure
  • Height:6inch
  • Manufacturer:BANDAI SPIRITS
  • Price:$25
  • Release:June 2019


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